Conflict Desert Storm 2

CDS 1 quit shortly after the plaster had arms producers and game 2 of the API even started to do. Following the success of the first game would have been unthinkable not done already. CDS, review if you have read, very entertaining, detailed, and was an exciting game. Especially not at the fine details would make the game playable. The same thing can be said for CDS 2. But it came as a little rushed, so the first CDS’ye Added new tasks, but it seems to have been released as a new game.

There are a few more months out of the game. But the demos, as far as I understand, the count was completed. At first glance, CDS 2, first game I could not see exactly the difference. Even the graphics look almost identical. Unmodified interface, the keys just stops. Orders combinations and other fine details are also standing in the same game. Nor do I think that something is very much improved. There was only one part in the demo version, it was the street fight. Though playing the easiest mode of development in the artificial intelligence of the enemy struck my eye. We have developed a precise, because the first games than hard fighting.

The same atmosphere. Around collapsed, and smoke bombs that are surrounding everywhere. Sometimes in buildings in the streets, sometimes you have to fight. Are in the top floor to the basement or crawl everywhere you go with the minigun. Want to be around aircraft can yerlebir. Of these options is a good thing in the game. Already require them to use parts will end up in the game. You can be sure.

I did not see much change in graphics and sound. New recruits, new enemies, do not count of course. As details have not changed anything. Stops in the same style. The first game was not bad graphics this game well. Quiet close to the enemy while speaking, such as high-quality sound effects, weapons details, 2 are preserved in the game.

CDS 2, technical aspects and gameplay is the same as the first game, then what am I going to tell? I do not know it. When the task of the game and I guess I will talk about new weapons. Weapons, even though I do not think has changed or whatever.

Operating System: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP
Processor: Pentium III 700 MHz
RAM: 64 MB
Video Card: 32 MB 3D