7 Sins

Gluttony, greed, sloth, jealously, lust, pride and anger. We have seven great sins and the seven friends from doing it will stay forever in hell, so far the majority of people believe in religion in the way specified. This definition of course stereotypes all over the world, and we believe that there is far greater sin. I pay attention to something else apart from that, I want to draw to seven the number of curse. Why are there seven days a week (yeah I had trouble)? Why is the sky world and consists of seven layers, even in heaven and hell is said to consist of seven times, why not? Islam and Christianity, also called the Seven Sleepers of a legendary event in question. Come on, I give him, on the whole world wonders why there is also the world’s seventh wonder they say it, but could not add an eighth of their muscles? Great Wall of China is a great format well, I think. Breaking the mirror seven years bad luck more people will live in spite of a princess and the seven dwarfs did not even mention the existence of! There! We have seven of his sins, made a game of it! Let’s look at how the seven great sins are committed in the name.

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