Neighbours From Hell 2: On Vacation

If the neighbor from hell, extremely cunning, and incompatible biriyse, nor the smiling face of the adjacent neighbor in need of what ash. If you want to subject these people are mad that you and your neighbor is a great fun and be prepared to show.

After just one year out of JoWooD firm, last year’s surprise did not hesitate to prepare more highly acclaimed Neighbours From Hell. The first aim of the game briefly NFH2de maintaining the same logic, eternal holiday Joeyu out that our neighbor to regret it. So what could be a person’s neighbors can not give away so much? The answer is the secret of the game setup. Woody called the hero, now considerably increased the numbers, it is star, the star, this star in a program broadcast live as the audience of twenty-four hours, tormented by the neighbors who do not know job, assuming the audience laugh. You look at the idea, the filmmakers found a very bright screen, carry such a game to take seriously.

Although this possibility in, we are sure is real, and passed within a year, much of the game demanded no increase in the need of the system. The second game, the first of the game is similar to almost all programming for the many users can run the game comfortably and smoothly. In the meantime, the game does not require very high needs, you not leave the impression that there is a production of the game medium quality. Times of the Commodore and Amiga games, Neighbours From Hell 2 prepared in air, sugar, graphics, fun atmosphere not understand how time passes quickly and you will connect itself.

Processor: Pentium 166 MHz
RAM: 64 MB
Video Card: 16 MB
HDD: 130 MB free space