Imperial Glory

In Imperial Glory, you can control one of the five principal European powers of the Napoleonic Wars: France, the United Kingdom, Prussia, Austria, and Russia. While there are about a dozen other minor countries in the game, such as Portugal and Denmark, you aren’t able to play as them. However, you can assimilate them into your empire, through conquest or peaceful integration, and that’s pretty much what you’ll spend much of the game doing as you attempt to conquer Europe nation by nation. Following the Total War formula means that you spend a lot of time on a strategic, turn-based map that looks a bit like the board game Risk. And when armies meet, you have the option of letting the computer automatically calculate the results, or you can drop down into a real-time, 3D battlefield and control your various infantry, artillery, and cavalry battalions on the map. Imperial Glory also goes one better than Total War by including naval battles, so you can take your sloops and frigates into action.

Windows 2000 – XP
AMD Athlon veya intel P 3 1.0 GHz
256 Mb Ram
2,5 Gb HDD

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