WWE Raw 2007

WWE Raw 2007 is all the sports entertainment you?ll need right inside your PC. If you?re a wrestling fan, this is a must have. If you?ve already dabbled in the next-gen version of this game, you might want to take a pass. WWE Raw 07 is a pretty good looking game considering the disk space the UMD is capable of holding. The wrestlers themselves look very much like their real life counterparts and the moves are very well executed. Entrances may take forever to load (more on that issue later), but they are done right. Each wrestler?s entrance is as accurate as could be to watching a real show. When the camera is backed away from the wrestlers themselves, the details go away, making this look more like a old game. However, the camera is usually focused directly on the wrestlers, giving the player the ability to see facial expressions on each wrestler. The crowd, on the other hand, looks horrible. This may be nitpicking, but they look worse than cardboard stand ups. Other than that, the game looks pretty good.

Pentium IV or AMD Athlon 1500mhz or higher
512mb of Ram
800MB Hard Disk Space + 300MB for swap file
64MB 3D Graphics Card (GeForce3 or Better)

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