Conflict: Global Terror PS2 NTSC [RAPIDSHARE]


After Desert Storm, Desert Storm 2 and Vietnam, here comes Global Storm, the fourth installment of Conflict, a series that has taken its stride since new opus appears every year at the same time since September 2002. Exit suites so often is exposed to the thorny problem of new features and enhancements that are in most cases, reduced to the bare minimum and the Global Storm does unfortunately no exception to the rule.

Conflict: In fact, what the developers have changed in priority over the opus is the context of the game trying to take the news of the times. Thus, in Desert Storm and Desert Storm 2, the player was fully immersed in the Gulf War. In 2004, it was that of Vietnam, which was addressed by the Conflict series which followed and the “fashion” of proposing games over that period.

Game informations:
-Type: Action
-Date: 30 / 09 / 2005
-Language: ENG
-Format : ISO
-Parts Size: 1.63 GB
-Size after decompression: ?? GB
-Tested with: NTSC
-Release:  SLUS_211.72

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