Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Armageddon NTSC PS2 [TORRENT]

It is with great pride that we present come WEPLAY of our work (now available for download), the gta Armageddon (the best of all time), the gta Armageddon brings several new features such as rain of meteors, kicking ball of fire and more !!!!!

Transformation: press L1 + R1 after the explosion again press L1 + R1
Napal: L1 + down
Ball of Fire: L1 + up
Change the style of fighting: L1 + O
Time bomb: Next to a pedestrian or vehicle press L1 + square
Mina: L1 + X
Jetpack: R1 + square
Kick ball of fire: R1 + X
Explosive punch: R1 + L3
Explosion GOW: R1 + L3
Attack of the clones: R1 + R2
Gang of prostitutes: R1 + L2
Rain of meteors: R1 + R3
Selection of Cars: L1 + R2, use L2 or R2 to select the type of the car and to select.
Selection of weapons: L1 + L2, use L2 or R2 to select the type of weapon and to select the.
Night Vision: R1 + right or left
Reduce the speed of the game: R1 + Up or down

  • Type: Hack
  • Language: 
  •  Players: 2
  • Release: 01/11/2009
    • Hosting:  Torrent Rapidshare
  • Format : MDF MDS ” use alcohol or power iso or ultra iso to burn “
  • Files number:  23
  • Parts Size: 2.17 GB  
  • Size after decompression: 4.32 GB
  • Tested with:  NTSC
  •   Compressed with 7zip

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