Set three years after the events narrated in the animated series, Gungrave OD emancipated, Scenarist speaking at the outset of his ancestor with the anime video game resumed moult elements scriptwriting (you follow me?). Thus, if we find Beyond The Grave (aka Brandon Heat, a former mafia eliminated by his best friend and returned to life with a mysterious serum), still overseen by Mika Asagi (daughter of ex-sponsor Millennion, Mafia sprawling organization), the title is quickly becoming a threat to intervene and two new super-powered undead, and Juji Kabane Rocketbilly Redcadillac, both equally playable once the adventure ended once. However, if the cutscenes fly from all sides by the beautiful part of the manga character design

Game informations:
-Type: Beat’em all
-Date: 21 / 06 / 2007
-Language: ENG
-Format : ISO
-Parts Size: 2.13 GB
-Size after decompression: 3.62 GB
-Tested with: NTSC
-Release:  SLUS-21020 PDSS-013675