Despite the fact that 2001′s Phantasy Star Online still stands as one of the most significant titles in the short history of online console gaming, no other game has really tried to do what Sonic Team’s space-age multiplayer dungeon crawler did. Capcom’s recently released Monster Hunter is about as close an attempt as we’ve seen so far, but it suffers because of two significant flaws. One is that the gameplay simply fails to capture what was fun about PSO–by today’s standards, this is a clunky and cumbersome action game. And the second is that its execution of online play is archaic in a way not seen since the days of the Dreamcast.

Monster Hunter takes place in a pseudo-prehistoric time and place–our best guess is somewhere around 20XX BC–in which small tribes of humans with a fair amount of technological sophistication live mostly in peace. Except, of course, for all the monsters. Actually, “monsters” is a little bit of a misnomer, as the majority of the creatures you’ll encounter tend to resemble stylized dinosaurs. There are certainly some creatures here that we’re pretty sure do not hail from any prehistoric era, such as the thieving tribe of cat people, or the big dragons, and this blending in of seemingly random elements gives the game a kind of anime vibe.

Before you enter the world of hunting monsters, though, you’ll need to create a character. The character-creation system is all pretty boilerplate stuff. You choose your character’s gender, and each option has its own set of prefab faces and hairstyles to select from. You also get to choose your character’s voice, which manifests itself as a collection of “hip!” and “huah!” sounds. There isn’t an especially deep level of customization, but the sheer number of choices you have within the available set of options makes up for a lot. Either way, your character will soon be buried under layers of armor and massive weapons, so in the end it truly does not matter much.
The first time you play, the game will take you automatically to “the village,” which serves as the hub for all your offline activities. It’s here that you get all your quest assignments; buy and sell goods, weapons, and armor; and rest up. You can also take materials you’ve collected out in the field to a shop in the village and use them to upgrade weapons and armor, or create something from scratch. The game encourages you to use the crafting system rather than just buy all your gear by making it cheaper to craft than to buy. Once you talk to the chief in the village, who will present you with a list of quests that you can undertake, you’ll head out into the wilds.
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  • Type: Fantasy Action Adventure
  • Language:
  •  Players: 1-4
  • Release: 21/09/2004
    • Hosting: Megaupload
  • Format : ISO
  • Files number: 2
  • Parts Size: 775 MB

  • Size after decompression: 4.5 GB 

  • Tested with:  PAL

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