The Tasmanian devil, while certainly an entertaining beast, isn’t the most beloved of animals. This is probably due, at least in part, to their insatiable appetites, destructive, hyperactive tendencies, and poor grammar. After upsetting a few too many Looney Tunes characters with his spazzy antics, Taz has been captured by Yosemite Sam and placed in his private zoo. Even worse, the She-Devil, Taz’s feminine counterpart, has also been nabbed and taken off to an undisclosed location within Sam’s park. This is the premise of Blitz Games’ new 3D platformer Taz Wanted, in which you’ll assume the role of Taz and attempt to evade Yosemite Sam, trash his park, and rescue your She-Devil. Unfortunately, this rescue mission isn’t really worth it.

Taz Wanted plays like a very cut-and-dried 3D platformer. You start off at a central hub and jump into the different themed levels from there, including a zoo level, a water park level, a snow level, and so on. Like all modern 3D platforming heroes, Taz has some unique moves aside from the standard running and jumping, the most prominent being the spin attack, in which Taz turns into his trademarked beige tornado and destroys just about anything in his path. He can also eat and subsequently spit back up most of the items he encounters in the game. Taz has no butt-stomp or double jump maneuvers, the latter of which would’ve come in handy when tackling the game’s numerous platform jumping challenges.

With these skills at your command, you’ll jump into the levels and complete multiple objectives, which are generally the same from level to level–destroy seven “Taz Wanted” posters, collect 100 sandwiches, destroy 50 percent of the destructible items in the level, and find and destroy the golden statue of Yosemite Sam. Though the game isn’t especially long, the lack of variety in the level objectives gets old quickly. Your main objective is to get rid of those wanted signs, which usually involves performing some simple puzzle solving or plain old platform jumping.
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Taz Wanted Playstation 2Taz Wanted Playstation 2Taz Wanted Playstation 2Taz Wanted Playstation 2Taz Wanted Playstation 2Taz Wanted Playstation 2Taz Wanted Playstation 2Taz Wanted Playstation 2

  • Type: 3D Platformer
  • Language: 
  •  Players: 1-2
  • Release: 17/09/2002
    • Hosting: Megaupload
  • Format : ISO
  • Files number: 1
  • Parts Size: 375 MB
  • Size after decompression: 700 MB 

  • Tested with:  PAL

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