World Soccer Winning Eleven 2010 PS2 JPN [TORRENT]

Konami announced that the new as “Winning Eleven 2010″ will be a significant improvement in many aspects, and these improvements program is listen FANS feedback and detailed analysis derived from them. Konami’s official the “Winning Eleven 2010,” described as “the history of the most realistic football simulation game”, which correspond to platform, PS3, X360, PSP, PS2, and Wii.  
The main new elements and changes are as follows: 

1: “PES2010″ Battle experience will be more emphasis on upgrading. As the defensive capacity, the difficulty of goals would be higher than ever, players will need to find ways to attack constantly changing organization. In addition, not only tactics, reaction force and intuition will also become more important. 

2: “PES2010″ picture of the performance edge would be a substantial increase, which includes the appearance and actions of all the players, the game will also introduce a new, high-optical system that allows the characteristics of the players in different situations have different performance. 

3: All animated scene will be more compact and seamless, dribbling, turning, shooting and other actions will be more realistic and fluid. For example, players running the ball and standing in the catch, the body movements and stride frequency and other nuances will be differentiated. 

4: The track on the audience’s reaction would be richer than before, you can hear a variety of outcry, or singing, but also booed and called Dao Hao, and home and away the audience of the team of their own.
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  • Type: Soccer
  • Language:  JPN
  •  Players: 1-4
  • Release: 14/12/2009
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