Drag Racing Simulator-ALiAS

Here is one pretty good drag racing simulator for all you who like adrenalin rush and fast cars? Enjoy :)

Complete all runnings after each other in this terrific dragster-racing game Try to come into the aim first to win money and improve your dragster Be as fast as possible to complete this game Wait for green light and accelerate the car as fast as possible by pushing on the gas badge Shift gears up and with the help of arrow keys. Be careful, a too fast acceleration can destroy the dragster. Earn money and improve your dragster with that. Complete all runnings first to win feature programmes: 20 running 5 dragster divides, this one 4 variants of the colour execution can respectively be improved in 4 steps

Release name: Drag.Racing.Simulator-ALiAS
Size: 26.42 MB
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