Grant Theft Auto 4 for PC

? is not out yet, but it?s only a matter of time :) . You, dear visitors, managed to effectively spam almost every post on RLSLOG with comments and questions about GTA 4 for PC, so I decided to make this post in order to collect all comments at one place.

As you probably know, the console version is in shops since April 29 and we of course covered it that day. The official launch date for the PC version of GTA 4 is December 2 in the USA and December 3 in Europe. Some shops around the world already started selling the game though, ignoring the orders from Rockstar (check out this picture from Poland, or another screen of installation).

You can kill some time by reading impressions from the first 6-page review published in British magazine PC Gamer (they marked the game as ?Must Buy? with 92%). There?s also tons of trailers and videos all over the internet, but I guess you already know what you are going to buy / download from the console version. Who will be the first scene group to release this gem? Feel free to share your comments and insights about the game here.

Click Here To Download Grant Theft Auto 4 for PC