Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End-ViTALiTY

Another Pirate game has been released by the group ViTALiTY today and it is the inevitable tie in game for the movie Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End that will be released on May 24th. The game follows the storyline of all 3 of the movies and also includes some mini games such as Texas Hold?em. You get to play as all of the main cast and get to create your own pirate as well. Even though most tie in games are usually rubbish this one looks promosing but then again this is the PC version so its a console post so dont be surprised by wierd controls and loads of extra bugs.

Note: ViTALiTY and HATRED are at it again with HATRED propering this release, however the nukers are having a bit of a disagreement themsleves and can?t decide if this is a needed proper or HATRED just being bad losers. ViTALiTY have released an extra NFO claiming that this release is fine.