Close Quarters Conflict-HATRED

Join a team, pick a class, and dive into the action of objective-based, team combat similar to the classic online multiplayer games Team Fortress, and Return To Castle Wolfenstein. Begun as a Quake mod nine years ago and subsequently acquired by Valve Software prior to the release of Half-Life, Team Fortress Classic still enjoys great popularity and ranks as the fourth most popular online multiplayer game today. Return To Castle Wolfenstein continues to enjoy success from this proven game concept.

Play it your way. CQC has several different classes to choose from, each with their own unique abilities and weapons, to support many different styles of play. Be a team player. With a diversity of classes and a team spirit, you?ll dominate the ?every man for himself? teams you encounter. Play as a team and prevail. Dive in, instant action. Intuitive controls and unambiguous objectives provide a soft-landing for the Value Title FPS newbie, while the class variety and precision weapons provide skill-based rewards for seasoned players.

Game features:

  • 20 multiplayer levels with up to 32 players via Internet or LAN.
  • 8 Single player campaign levels.
  • Six classes: Soldier, Sniper, Grenadier, Gunner, Recon and Medic. With each class possessing different combat abilities, weapons, armor and speed.
  • 14 Weapons
  • Game types include: Asset Seizure, Ground Control, Assault, DM/TDM and Last Man Standing.

Release name: Close_Quarters_Conflict-HATRED
Size: 1 CD, 704 MB, 41?50 MB
Genre: action
File names:

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Developer, distributor: Groove Games
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