Silent Hill 4: The Room

A small post for a mediocre game. Silent Hill 4 is now re-released for PC so if you like the Silent Hill franchise, here?s your fix. No official group posted this, this is basically a random uploader but Silent Hill 4 was never posted on RLSLOG so I thought: ?Meh, what the hell??
Henry Townshend wakes up one day to realize that his apartment has been chained and bolted shut?from the inside. All by himself inside the creepy apartment room, he tries calling for help, but no one can hear him. Henry?s only escape is through a strange portal-like hole that appears in his bathroom, but the hole takes him to strange places, which house strange secrets, and even stranger creatures. Henry must go through this hole if he wants to get away from his apartment, which is slowly being invaded by an evil force, and must attempt to find an answer for who or what locked him in?

Info: Wikipedia
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